Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Being prepared for emergencies is important no matter where you live. In the Greater Helena Area, we should be aware of and prepared to deal with such hazards as house fires, wildfires, earthquakes, power outages, and severe weather. Being proactive is straightforward and makes sense both for caregivers and their children.

Basic Protection

Basic protective measures include:

  • Assuring physical safety, including (potentially) sheltering or evacuating.
  • Developing a family communications plan. Here’s an example.
  • Making an emergency supply kit. Here’s an example.
  • Learning how to receive emergency alerts and other locally relevant warnings. For Lewis and Clark County residents, register your cell phone to receive alerts or click here for more information.
  • During recovery, considering safety as well as mental and physical well-being.

Specific Emergencies


Everyone in the family can help prepare, and giving kids the tools they need to feel connected to the process will make them more confident if they ever need to take action.