From the day a child is born there are 2,190 days — the critical early years — for parents and communities to give children a smart start.

family-help-helenaActivities for Families

Enrichment activities for children don’t have to be expensive in fact, many are FREE. Remember, every experience is a learning experience for young children, from sorting laundry to reading out loud, telling stories and listening to their stories.  Enjoy life and take a daily dose of laughter!


Yoga for moms? Parenting classes for expectant parents? Free days at local museums and more? Check out a calendar with a list of events, groups, and activities brought to you by the ECC of the Greater Helena Area.

Being active doesn’t have to be complicated!

This great pyramid breaks it down, and makes it easy for you to make certain your kiddos are active and healthy! A good reminder that simple things like taking the dog for a walk or trekking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator can be a great way to stay healthy.

Greater Helena Area Parks

The Greater Helena Area has an amazing array of parks and other recreational opportunities for your family to get outside, exercise, and enjoy the beauty we share. For more information on local parks, visit Helena Parks and Recreation and Lewis and Clark County Parks.

Helena Parent Connections

Helena Parent Connections helps connect local families with fun, educational, and free activities in our area for children 0-6.  Click here to like Helena Parent Connections on Facebook and stay up-to-date on local activities or call Florence Crittenton at 996.1111.

Hike It Baby, Helena Chapter

Hike it Baby is a new parents group dedicated to getting families together and out into nature with newborns and little ones. We have a wide variety of hikes and urban strolls, and it’s a great way to connect with people and find friendship, support, fun, and exercise. Hikes are led by volunteers, therefore we ask that you please sign our waiver and come join us. We welcome everyone from mom, dad, partner, granny to nanny to friend. You can find local hikes here, and you can join the private Facebook group here.

Learning and Thriving, Any Place, Every Day

Learning can happen anywhere!  Born Learning has a host of ideas at Learning on the Go.

All caregivers can help children learn through everyday interactions and positive relationships. Promoting Learning is easy as pie and vital to kids’ well-being and healthy development.

Activities and Events

  • There’s a site on Facebook dedicated to kid’s activities in Helena! Visit Site
  • Exploration Works has exhibits, educational programming, summer camp opportunities, and more. Visit Site
  • Florence Crittenton hosts an array of educational, motivational, and fun events for kids and parents. Visit Site
  • Helena Family YMCA has fun activities for the whole family. Visit Site
  • Lewis and Clark Public Library offers events, activities, and programming for kids, teens, and adults. Visit Site