help-with-kids-helenaThe ECC brings community leaders together to dialogue, plan, strategize and collaborate to create an agenda that supports healthy early childhood growth and development. We believe that by working closely with community members in the Greater Helena Area and with similar organizations around Montana to identify needs, build partnerships, and strengthen services, more children and families can be ready to thrive.



Safe, stable, nurturing relationships lead to resilient children, strong families, and stable communities.

With the focus on the whole child, we promote community collaboration to network resources and streamline services in support of the health, safety, care and education for children ages 0-8 and their families in the greater Helena area.

Core Principles of the ECC
Positive Community Norms framework

#1 Positive

In trusting and affirming others, we have hope for the future and celebrate!

#2 Present

Celebrate and learn from the past, anticipate the future, live now!

#3 Perceptive

With open-mindedness and humility, we develop a higher level of awareness.

#4 Purposeful

Through meaningful and intentional service, we build a future for our community.

 #5 Perfected

With humility and courage, we engage in the continuous progress toward transformation.

#6 Proactive

Action and leadership with intent promotes a new vision.